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Queer as Folk Daily

No apologies, No Regrets

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Welcome to qaf_daily. This is an LJ community dedicated to providing daily eye candy featuring the actors from Queer as Folk.

This community is for pictures ONLY. We strongly recommend all infomation sharing be taken to a discussion community such as queerasfolkfans.

* NO hotlinking. Always have the permission of the webmaster if you intend to direct link. The best thing to do is upload to your own space. Photobucket are great hosts...try them.

* Do NOT hotlink from this community.

* LJ cut tag is your best friend. Use it on these occasions:

  • If you are going to post any pictures of naked anyone or sex scenes (and please do :P).
  • If the picture is over 500 pixels wide.
  • If you have more than one picture in the post.

For those who don't know, the tag is < lj-cut text="your description goes here" > < /lj-cut >

* Any pictures of actors from Queer As Folk, their movies, red carpet, candids, etc are welcome.

* Any post that does not have a picture will be deleted. If you mess up the html, please go back and edit your post to make the picture work.

* Any post that is off-topic will be deleted immediately.

* Please do not post news/gossip with 'to make it legal'. That's just rude and not in the spirit of the community. Respect your fellow members and use the other countless QAF communities that exist for discussion.

* No icons/graphics/video posts.

* Picspams - if you are linking to a picspam you MUST include at least one picture. Do not just link to your journal.

Your mods are:


Email: claireyfairy1@livejournal.com if you have a complaint, suggestion, etc.

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